New Protocol for Swimmers

The safety of children, their parents, guardians and staff, is of paramount importance to us at Dolphin Swim School, and we have been working tirelessly with our Health & Safety Consultants and the relevant swimming governing bodies to create a safe environment for swimming lessons at our pool(s).


‘The New Normal’

New Class Sizes & Timetable:

  1. We will continue running 3 classes in each swim session i.e. Beginners, Improvers, and Advanced.
  2. The swimming lesson duration will be reduced to 30 minutes (from 45 minutes) to allow us cater for all children, but the reduced class sizes effectively means your will be getting semi-private lessons.
  3. Due to the 2-metre social distancing restrictions, we MUST greatly restrict class size numbers.
  4. We have added extra class times to the timetable and we will be in contact with you shortly regarding possible changes to the time of your child’s swim. The new timetable is drawn in an effort to cater for all the children currently in our swim classes.  We would ask you respectfully to work with us by being as flexible as possible regarding the new timetable.

Parent/Guardian in Attendance at the Pool:

  • Only 2 people in total (i.e. one parent/guardian per household) will be allowed in the viewing gallery at any swim lesson session. These two places will be allocated on a first come first served basis
  • ONLY the parent/guardian of swimmers in the BEGINNERS and IMPROVERS classes will be allowed into the dressing rooms to assist their children. All others must drop and collect their children at the main door to the pool, but remain in the area around the pool, or at their cars in the school car park, in case we need to contact you urgently

Health, Safety, and the NEW Swimming Pool Protocols:

We have made radical changes to the layout to the pool and its environs for the safety of all.  These include:

  • Multiple hands-free hand sanitizers both inside and outside the pool
  • Social distancing markers both inside and outside the pool
  • Segregated curtained cubicles in the dressing rooms, allowing the dressing rooms to be effectively become unisex dressing rooms if required
  • Seating area for 2 people in the viewing gallery
  • A strict cleaning regime between classes will be maintained and a cleaning register kept

All the staff at Dolphin Swim School has been trained in these new health & safety protocols


  • For the time being, swimmers will not moved to the next level class due to number restrictions
  • Children should arrive (or be brought) to the pool strictly 15 minutes before their swim lesson start time. Please do not arrive any earlier as access cannot be allowed while cleaning is in progress
  • They should arrive in their swimwear under their clothes (e.g.. Tracksuit etc.)
  • The children will then take a clothes basket from reception and then proceed to their dressing room as instructed
  • Only the Parent/guardian of BEGINNER and IMPROVER swimmers will be allowed into the pool to assist their children before and after their swim
  • The teachers will assist BEGINNER & IMPROVER swimmers with armbands. Teachers will sanitize their hands before and after this and will be wearing a PPE full face visor
  • All children should have their own hat and goggles with them. Goggles should be tested at home beforehand to ensure they are a snug fit and clean.  Also, children should be familiar and comfortable putting on their own hats, to ensure minimal contact assistance required by teachers
  • Classes will be for a duration of 30 minutes with no playtime
  • Only 2 people in total (i.e. one parent/guardian per household) will be allowed in the viewing gallery at any swim lesson session. These two places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  Note: We are required under Child Protection legislation to ensure that some parents/guardians are in the public viewing gallery at all times during a swim classes.
  • Guardian/Parents arriving by car are required as usual to park in the school car park and to remain there (or at least in the vicinity of the pool) for the duration of the class, should they need to be contacted in the case of an emergency. Please check and ensure that we have a contact phone number for you (Text Bart on 087 9306 466).  Be sure to let anybody that may intermittently be bringing your child to their class leave their phone number with the Pool Attendant on duty too – (A list of names of children and the contact number for a parent/guardian will be kept at the pool reception)
  • There will be NO SHOWERING allowed, so where possible, children should shower before coming for their lesson.
  • Children will have a maximum of strictly 10 minutes to change and vacate the pool premises to facilitate the cleaning of the changing rooms for the next swim class session
  • Parents/Guardians should PROMPTLY collect their children at the door of the pool and leave the pool environs as soon as possible


  • They should listen and follow teacher instructions at all times
  • They should use the sanitizers provided at the pool
  • They should be on their best behavior while at the pool
  • They must avoid contact with other people at the pool
  • No hat and goggles = No swim! -  We have had to cease the practice of lending hats and goggles, however, hats and goggles will be on sale as usual at the pool
  • They should know that their Parent/Guardian may not be in the pool during their lesson, but re-assured that the Parent/Guardian is in the vicinity
  • They should change quickly and use the basket provided for their clothes
  • They should wait in their dressing room partitioned cubicle until they are called by a teacher and then take their ‘clothes basket’ with them, and store it on the shelves as instructed
  • They should stand on the socially distanced marked areas on the poolside which will be shown to them by the teacher
  • They should follow all teacher instructions during the lesson and maintain the 2-metre distance from other swimmers
  • After their swim, they should collect their ‘Clothes Basket’ back to the changing room where they should change quickly (and without showering), and make sure they have all their belongings
  • They should bring their empty clothes basket back to the shelving area at the reception and leave the pool as quickly as possible to meet their parent/guardian
  • They should wash their hands using the sanitizer provided on the way out


Please be aware under the new protocols, we will only be able to keep ‘left items’ for one day, so it is important to make sure children are aware to check that they have all their belongings with them before they leave the pool

General Hygiene & Safety Information:

  • There will be hand sanitizers throughout the pool area
  • The poolside, floats, noodles, other swim aid equipment, dressing rooms, and clothes boxes, will be cleaned and sanitized before and after swim sessions
  • There will be a cleaning register kept at the pool
  • Teachers will maintain a social distance from the children
  • Children will be assigned a swim area in the pool that is 2-metres from other swimmers


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