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The pool is 8m X 15m. The depth is 1m to 1.8m with an average pool temperature of 30°. This temperature is a full 1 - 2 degrees higher than you will find in other local swimming pools. This immediately puts children at ease when entering the water.

Changing Rooms

We offer separate male and female changing rooms and full shower and toilet facilities.

Meeting Point

Please meet your teacher by the side of the pool. Access is through the disinfectant footbath.

Viewing Point

Viewing can be done using the designated viewing area located beside the pool.


A range of items are available from our shop located in the entrance to the pool. Items available include swimming hats, a range of goggles, ear plugs, nose clips, swimming costumes and arm bands.

Other Information

Users of the pool are asked to ensure that you respect the school property and that all children who are not attending lessons are not running around the school, or the changing rooms.


Located off the South Circular Road, the pool is part of St John of Gods, in the grounds of Memorial Park. Entry to the complex and areas available for parking are clearly marked.

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T: 01 283 3528
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St John of Gods
Menni Services
Island Bridge
Dublin 8
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M: 087 9306466



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