Children's Swimming Lessons in Dublin

- Empowering Young Swimmers for Life

At Dolphin Swim School, we understand the immense importance of children learning how to swim

Our rich history and experience of teaching generations of families to swim have cemented our commitment to providing top-quality children's swimming lessons in Dublin, for all ages and abilities.

Building on our legacy of over 40 years, we understand the unique needs and learning styles of young swimmers. That's why we offer smaller class sizes, ensuring that each child receives the individual attention they deserve. By maintaining a low pupil to teacher ratio, we create a supportive and engaging environment where children can thrive.

In our children's swimming lessons, we go the extra mile to foster comfort and confidence in the water. We provide an instructor and support assistant, with one instructor in the pool alongside the children and an assistant on the side of the pool. This hands-on approach ensures that beginners feel secure as they take their first strokes and develop essential water safety skills.

Swimming lessons offer a multitude of benefits for children beyond just the ability to swim

Through our carefully crafted curriculum, young swimmers may:

Improve their physical fitness and coordination.

Develop important life skills (such as discipline and perseverance.

Learn to work in a team.

Feel a sense of accomplishment.

Find a boost in their self-esteem.

Learn more about water safety.

Our experienced and qualified instructors possess a deep understanding of child development and employ age-appropriate teaching methods to keep lessons engaging and fun. We create a positive and encouraging atmosphere that allows children to explore and excel in their swimming journey.

Swimming lesson criteria

We take children from 4 years once they are able to:

Float with armbands without an adult supporting them in the water.

Mature enough to take part in a group lesson without a parent being beside them in the water.

This is a requirement otherwise they will become too upset :'( and nobody wants this to happen. Please forward us your contact number when your child is able for the above criteria and hopefully we will be able to get you started soon enough.

Join us at Dolphin Swim School!

Give your child the gift of swimming proficiency and lifelong confidence in the water. Watch as they grow and flourish under the guidance of our passionate instructors, becoming skilled swimmers and embracing a lifetime of aquatic adventures.