Dolphin Swim School Terms and Conditions

Lesson Fees

Course fees for group lessons or private sessions vary by location. Please contact our office directly for specific details. All fees must be paid in advance of the course start date as indicated on the invoice. Participation in swimming lessons will only be allowed once the fees have been paid in full. Payment terms can be discussed with our office. A charge of £30 will be applied for any bank charges incurred due to returned payments.

Direct Debit Payments

If you choose to sign up Direct Debit payments, you will receive an email invoice for the course fee when re-enrolment is due. A few days before the Direct Debit is processed, you will receive another email to confirm your intent to proceed with the payment. A final email will notify you that the payment is about to be taken. This is your last opportunity to cancel. Once this date has passed, the Direct Debit cannot be cancelled, and refunds cannot be issued. To cancel your Direct Debit, please contact your bank. If you need to cancel the Direct Debit for one child while keeping it for another, please contact Dolphin Swim School directly for assistance.


For weekly courses, cancellations can be made by contacting us in writing before your first lesson. A refund of tuition fees, minus a 20% administration charge, will be provided. However, no credits or refunds can be offered for missed lessons after this period. Crash course swimming lessons /swim camps are non-refundable.

Medical Conditions and Individual Needs

We require full disclosure of any swimmer’s medical condition or other needs during registration or as soon as they are confirmed during a course of lessons. Dolphin Swim School cannot accept responsibility for a swimmer’s medical condition or other needs unless the details have been provided to our office.


Please note that Dolphin Swim School does not accept liability for the loss or damage of any personal effects brought to our sessions. We kindly request that valuable items are not brought to the swimming lessons.


All swimmers, parents, guardians, siblings, and associates must adhere to the venue’s entry rules and respect all other venue regulations while on the premises. Facility staff retain the right to refuse admission. Swimmers should arrive on poolside no more than 5 minutes before the lesson begins and (in the case of child swimmers) should be collected no more than 5 minutes after the lesson ends. No child will be released until they are collected by an appointed responsible adult, who must remain on the premises for the duration of the lesson. No refunds or catch-up lessons will be offered if a child fails to attend or is refused permission to attend any sessions, unless prior agreement has been reached with the head office.

Swim Teachers

While we cannot guarantee the same teachers for each term, we strive to maintain consistency. All our teachers are fully qualified and Garda vetted.


Swimmers, parents, guardians, siblings, or associates who refuse to obey instructions from staff, behave in an unruly manner, or cause damage to pool premises or equipment will not be permitted to continue with the lessons. Dolphin Swim School reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice and without offering credit or refund. The swimmer will not be accepted for any future courses organised by our company.

Condition of Pool Premises

While we make reasonable efforts to ensure that the pool premises, including changing rooms and washing facilities, are in suitable condition, Dolphin Swim School does not accept liability for any swimmer injuries caused by defects. Any claims arising from such defects must be addressed to the proprietors of the pool premises.

Transmission of Infections

Swimmers known to have or found to have any infectious ailment or condition will not be allowed to participate in the lesson. It is the swimmer’s responsibility (or the parent/guardian in the case of a child) to ensure that they are fit and well enough to participate. Dolphin Swim School cannot accept liability for any infections passed between swimmers on the course or in the pool.

Rules and Regulations

  • Swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  • Children aged 8 years and above should use the appropriate sexed changing rooms.
  • Bathing caps may be required for hygiene and safety reasons in health clubs; these can be purchased from our online shop.
  • No swimmer should enter the Pool Area without a Dolphin Swim School staff member present.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the pool facilities.
  • Swimmers, siblings, parents, and guardians are expected to observe the club’s no-smoking policy.
  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted on poolside; please remove shoes and socks or use the provided shoe covers before going onto the poolside.
  • No recording, filming, or photographic equipment, including mobile phones with camera facilities, are allowed in the club. This is in accordance with club and child protection rules. Please refer to Child Protection Guidelines, available upon request.
  • Dolphin Swim School, as well as the pool owners, cannot accept responsibility for any incidents solely caused by the swimming teacher in charge of the class or lesson.

By agreeing to a course with our company, you confirm that you have read and agree to the above Terms and Conditions.