Intense Swimming Camps in Dublin

Held 5 times a year and suitable for a wide range of abilities.

Welcome to Dolphin Swim School’s Intense Swimming Camps

Rapid progress is guaranteed!

Are you ready to take your swimming skills to new heights? Join our exclusive camps designed for individuals who are eager to accelerate their swimming abilities. Dive into a transformative experience guided by our expert coaches, who will provide personalised attention and tailored training techniques. Are you ready to make a splash and unlock your true potential in the water?

When are the Intense swimming camps?

We run our camps at five different times of the year so there is always an opportunity to accelerate your progress. We run our camps in February, Easter, Summer, Halloween and at Christmas.

Who are our Intense swimming camps for?

Our classes are suitable for a wide range of abilities, including beginners, beginner – improvers and improvers.

How are Intense swimming camps different?

Unlike our regular classes, these camps provide extended sessions, ranging from 30 to 45 minutes, allowing for focused and intensive training. With a duration of five consecutive days, Monday through Friday, participants experience consistent and immersive learning.

The positive feedback we have received highlights how children thrive in this format, as they quickly advance through our three lower levels.

Swimming camp criteria

We take children from 4 years once they are able to:

Float with armbands without an adult supporting them in the water.

Mature enough to take part in a group lesson without a parent being beside them in the water.

This is a requirement otherwise they will become too upset :'( and nobody wants this to happen. Please forward us your contact number when your child is able for the above criteria and hopefully we will be able to get you started soon enough.

Join us for an unforgettable week of intense swimming and watch your child’s abilities soar!